Amazing judgement solves problems, not processes.

“Amazing judgement solves problems, not processes.” The exceptional leader creates an environment of trust and psychological safety in which people can innovate freely without the fear of failure or internal backstabbing. When a culture on innovation prevails it is the sound judgement of individuals that solves our greatest challenges and not processes created by management. Many times, processes are the starting point but often not the answer to our biggest obstacles. A nimble mind that has ownership of the outcome will always outperform a process and leave a situation, organization, and life better off for having been part of it. What actions are you taking to create an environment that values great judgement? Inspired by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer, “No Rules Rules: NETFLIX and the Culture of Reinvention” People Formula #innovation #leadership #culture #people #safety #leadershipdevelopment #exceptionalpeople

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