We focus on helping veterans in leadership positions align and improve their leadership culture. We do this by helping them implement Aligned Leadership, a Leadership Operating System focused on leading self, leading others and leading those who leadOur approach is based on Navy and Marine Corps bedrock principles and proven dynamic leadership methods. Our facilitators have led in the most challenging and competitive environments–from the crucibles of military operations and combat, athletics, government and business, our experiences are interwoven into our  unique development experiences that improve behaviors and drive outcomes. We deliver content to maximize retention, drive application and build confidence. Let ALI earn your trust and implement proven tactics to bring order and process to your leadership culture.



In an interconnected and data driven world, individuals have more influence over organizational and social dynamics and challenge traditional leadership hierarchies. Employees expect transparency, instant communication and accountability. In response, firms can invest in misaligned communication, engagement strategies and training that lacks ownership which fails to improve leaders or drive change.


Whether they realize it or not, all teams have a Leadership Operating System. Like the operating systems that drive our computers, or the framework we use to run our businesses, a similar system informs your unit’s leadership ethos. At ALI, we use Aligned Leadership. We show you how to lead yourself, lead others and lead those who lead, so your full leadership effort, from your long range plans to your newest hire, is focused in the same direction–it’s the difference between incandescent light and a laser beam.