The Annapolis Leadership Institute (ALI) is in the business of leadership. Our approach is based on proven methodology the Navy and Marine Corps use to train their leaders. ALI’s facilitators have led in the most challenging and competitive environments. From the crucibles of athletics, military, government and commercial endeavors their proven experiences are interwoven into our process of assessment, experiential engagement and coaching that drive measurable results.

ALI delivers unique development experiences that improve behaviors and drive outcomes. We deliver our content to maximize retention, drive application, and build confidence. We assist leaders in finding greatness in themselves and those they are privileged to lead.

While leadership has bedrock principles, it is a living operating system. Trust ALI to identify proven and progressive tactics and provide assistance in implementing individual and cultural change.




The world is a more interconnected and data driven than ever. Individuals have more influence over organizational dynamics and social influences challenge traditional leadership hierarchies. Employees expect transparency, instant communication and accountability. In response, firms invest in misaligned communication, engagement strategies and training deficient in ownership that fails to improve existing leaders or drive cultural change.



The time is right for a concept like Aligned Leadership, built on meaningful employee engagement, inclusive workplaces and inspired talent. The Leadership Operating System of the future respects these needs and delivers on fundamental tenets of leadership refined in high performance organizations and institutions. Engage ALI today to develop the response plan necessary to meet and exceed your current leadership demands.