Annapolis is in the leadership business—and so are we. Defending America requires a commitment to greatness. There is no alternative to being the best you can be and there is no acceptable outcome other than victory. Great leaders bring out the greatness of each individual and the teams they lead. The Annapolis Leadership Institute (ALI) helps leaders find that greatness in themselves and those they are privileged to lead. Our rare combination of inspiring teachers who have led in the most challenging of circumstances leads to an unparalleled learning experience. We cement the lessons of greatness with practical follow up to ensure retention, build confidence—and guarantee bottom line results. ALI’s team of trainers is second to none in providing these critical requirements to leaders who want to be great and build greatness in their teams. Olympians, CEOs, senior military officers, and combat veterans, these men and women who have walked the walk fill our ranks. Our process is based on the methodology the Navy and Marine Corps uses to train its combat leaders. Their inspiring stories are interwoven into our process of assessment, step-by-step training, follow up coaching and measured results. This provides an unbeatable outcome that gives your leaders the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves, feel the exhilaration of bringing out the best in themselves and in others, to be, in fact, truly great.



While the world calls out for a better form of leadership, we keep throwing billions of dollars at training and development efforts that have little impact. Likewise, organizations continue to pay millions in management consulting fees for projects and implementation plans that end up barely moving the needle. Organizations readily risk and  invest in business, technology, product and delivery model transformations, yet they’re satisfied with a leadership operating system designed for the industrial age. In the face of increasing complexity, we merely work harder to salvage the status quo, we jump from one silver bullet solution to the next, we bet on rock star hires and magic reorganizations to address what is
fundamentally a bug in the Leadership OS. It’s time to retool the work of leader development. And we have the process, expertise and network to deliver on your needs. 


What would you do if faced with a choice to continue business as usual, or a path that guarantees achievement of your vision? What would you choose if you could invest in a status quo management model or a new operating system, where the DNA of every leader and each team is coded to pursue the highest responsibilities of individual and collective
leadership? Leader-Led Transformation is that journey to a new operating system, one that is perfectly designed and fit for your business.  Today, Tomorrow, For the Future.