From little league sports to geo-political struggle, success stems from sound leadership. Would we remember the 300 Spartans without King Leonidas? Would England have survived after Dunkirk without Churchill? Would professional football be what it is today without Vince Lombardi?

Leading in our world is more challenging than ever. Increasing complexity, ambiguity and speed of work can stretch your capabilities and can create gaps in your leadership capacity. Now more than ever, you need a Leadership Operating System, a coherent way of looking at your leadership, that aligns every person, every decision, with your mission.

The Leadership Operating System we use is Aligned Leadership. We focus on leading self, leading others and leading those who lead. We go beyond the typical corporate solution, because leadership development is continuousOur methods are grounded in combat-tested military leadership practices, experiential learning and insightful research. Our agile, scalable approach empowers your team to build core skills in coaching, consulting and mentoring. We grow passive participants into active practitioners that inspire performance. As they reshape processes, practices and policies, your Leadership Operating System impacts every person across your enterprise.

ALI's Three-Phase Leadership Operating System