The complexity, ambiguity and increasing speed of work stretches leaders to the edge of their current capabilities and translates into a growing gap in leadership capacity. This gap presents a fundamental risk to an organization’s ability to fully meet today’s goals and tomorrow’s needs. The answer is a deliberate retooling and expansion of the leadership mindsets, skillsets and structures that run the organization. In other words, a new leadership operating system (OS) is needed.

That leadership operating system is Leader-Led Transformation (LLT), an adaptive, agile and scalable approach to leader development and organizational learning. LLT is learning system that’s grounded in social and experiential learning, adult development and complexity leadership theory and incorporates the latest and best insights and research on leadership, management, organization development and culture.    

Leader-Led Transformation connects leaders across the organization as peers and partners to build core strength in coaching, facilitation, consulting and mentoring, while growing new capabilities that meet real time business needs. LLT goes beyond typical the corporate solution, because the learning doesn’t stop at the end of the session. Leaders are empowered and challenged to reshape and improve policies, practices and processes to amplify the impact and ensure the full benefit of development is achieved. LLT is an iterative process that relies on leaders to scale and apply outcomes in new ways and in different parts of the business.

The power and ROI of Leader-Led Transformation is in the shift from passive participant, or consumer, to active practitioner and owner of learning and development. With LLT, leaders set the learning and development direction to drive business performance, they inspire and model the high bar of leader development and they make the structural shifts needed to achieve the organization’s highest aspirations. Bottom line, leaders reimagine, create and scale the leadership operating system to achieve the highest aspirations of the organization.